Agribusiness Services

Customized advice and solutions to grow your business.

At Catalyst, we understand the agricultural industry is a key component to the stability and growth of our local and national economy. For over 35 years we have been providing agribusiness services to clients, allowing us to develop a deep understanding of the critical issues facing the industry today.

Experienced professionals

Our agribusiness professionals are dedicated to identifying opportunities and implementing custom solutions based on your individual needs. Our expertise goes beyond the knowledge gained from serving our clients, but from personal experience as well. Whether our professionals have their own agribusiness ventures aside from their careers at Catalyst, or grew up on a family farm, this personal experience gives you a unique, two sided perspective when we are meeting your needs.

We understand your critical issues

Many factors can impact your profitability in the agribusiness industry: commodity price fluctuations, government policy, international policies, supply and demand, weather, and operating costs to name a few. Not only do we understand how these external challenges can effect you, we also know what it takes for you to run your business from the inside: recruiting and retaining skilled employees, managing competition and international influences, and implementing technology, financing, and marketing strategies to make your operations as efficient and effective as possible.

All these factors influence the ability for you to operate at your highest level in order to remain competitive. Understanding these factors is what makes us unique in our ability to provide customized advice and solutions to bring positive change to your business. Helping you take advantage of the opportunities and deal with the challenges that face you is what we do.

Our clients represent:

  • 350,000+ acres of farm/ranch land in central and southern Alberta
  • 170,000+ head feedlot capacity
  • 5,000+ head of commercial and purebred cow/calf

Our knowledge and experience includes:

  • Commercial feedlots
  • Ranching enterprises
  • Dryland and irrigated farming operations
  • Food processing business
  • Other value added processing
  • Ag-equipment manufacturing companies
  • Dealerships (fertilizer, fuel, trucking, equipment, etc.)
  • Grain handling facilities

The services that we provide include:

  • Benchmark and key performance analysis
  • Cash flow projections
  • Financing proposals
  • Development of inventory costing systems
  • Corporate structure
  • Transition of business within the family
  • Purchase and sale of agribusiness entities
  • Government program applications
  • Financial statements and income tax returns

Deep Client Relationships. Expertise. Exceptional Service.

mission 03We are a professional firm of business advisors, accountants and support staff dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their business and financial goals. We succeed through the efforts of firm members responding to the specific needs of each client and the broader communities in which we live.