Corporate Executive Services

Financial peace of mind for your Corporate Executives.

Never before have Corporate Executives had to spend so much time and energy finding ways to enhance the long- term prospects of their companies and to reward their shareholders.

But who’s watching out for their personal long-term financial interests?

The Catalyst Wealth Advisory Process for Corporate Executives is a simple and highly personalized approach designed to provide Corporate Executives with on-going peace of mind that their personal, professional and financial life is in order and on track: helping them to achieve their goals and allowing them to focus their time on other priori- ties, like the management of your organization.

Our Process

Step 1: Understanding Your Personal Wealth Profile

Step 2: Exploring and Defining the Purpose of Your Wealth

Step 3: Creating and Customizing Your Wealth Action Plan

Step 4: Implementing Your Wealth Action Plan

Step 5: Monitoring and Evaluating Change

Our Team

We have a team of qualified professionals with over 35 years of combined experience serving Corporate Executives. Our Wealth Advisory team leaders are experts in providing financial counseling to Corporate Executives and Business Owners. They will remain intimately involved in the delivery of our services and have direct oversight for the integrated team of professionals that will provide a first-class financial counseling service.

Our International Reach

Given increased globalization, many organizations look across borders to find the best and the brightest Corporate Executives. These individuals often have unique financial planning and taxation needs. We have the depth of expertise to address cross border planning needs and when required can access other qualified professionals through our membership in PKF, a $2.5 billion world-wide network of like-minded firms.

Our Additional Services

With our multi-disciplinary approach to services, we also provide personal tax and other financial counseling services to Corporate Executives including:

  • Executive compensation and benefits planning
  • Stock option planning
  • Retirement, estate and gift planning
  • Investment plan reviews
  • Insurance and risk management planning
  • Income tax planning and preparation

Deep Client Relationships. Expertise. Exceptional Service.

mission 03We are a professional firm of business advisors, accountants and support staff dedicated to helping our clients accomplish their business and financial goals. We succeed through the efforts of firm members responding to the specific needs of each client and the broader communities in which we live.