Litigation Support Services

Getting the Right Team on Your Side.

Catalyst’s Corporate Advisory Services group provides comprehensive litigation support services to clients and legal counsel that are involved in dispute situations, which may include:

  • Marital disputes, divorce and family law purposes.
  • Shareholder and partner disputes.
  • Economic damages (i.e. lost profits).
  • Insurance claims (i.e. business interruption).
  • Minority shareholder oppression.
  • Taxation and capital gain purposes.

Our Capabilities

Utilizing our valuation and financial skills, account- ing and taxation capabilities and general business expertise, we prepare the proper level of analysis suitable for the intended purpose, whether it is for settlement meetings, mediations, arbitrations or court.

We also ensure that our analysis and findings, which are often dealing with complex matters, are described in a concise manner that is readily understandable.

Our Team Approach

We employ a team approach to litigation support services involving our client and other experts as required. We ensure that engagements are con- ducted in a cost effective, timely and professional manner.

Our Services

We are often asked to provide litigation support services in the following areas:

  • Quantification of past and future lost profits or business value degradation.
  • Assessment of the value of an asset, security or business interest.
  • Preparation of a written report setting out our findings.
  • Review and analysis of financial evidence.
  • Identification and evaluation of alternative methods of quantifying damages.
  • Review and critique of an opposing expert’s report.
  • Income determination calculations.
  • Evaluating settlement proposals.
  • Evaluation and formulation of negotiating positions with respect to financial settlements.
  • Preparation of questions for the cross examination of the opposing expert at trial.
  • Consulting with counsel regarding arbitration or mediation as an alternative to litigation.
  • Provision of expert testimony.

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