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Catalyst understands the importance of agriculture to Alberta’s economy. Many of us have fond memories of growing up on the family farm and still have agriculture in our blood. Our team of agribusiness specialists has over 45 years of experience dedicated to supporting the growth of this important sector. With agriculture operations outside of their professional lives, our team provides valuable insight into the critical issues facing the industry today with a unique two-sided perspective. We’ll work with you to develop a custom business strategy to support your growth through the many challenges that will arise. Working with today's producers is our priority and our privilege – we are committed to seeing you succeed.

Current Clients

We are proud to serve agricultural clients across Alberta, actively representing:

310,000 +

Acres of farm and ranch land

120,000 +

Head feedlot capacity

13,000 +

Head of commercial & purebred cattle


We offer a variety of services to help your agricultural operation succeed:

  • Data Analytics – helping you makes sense of the data you collect and how you can apply it to make decisions that benefit your operation
  • Performance analysis – we can provide insight into how your operation is really performing and identify risk areas that may need to be addressed
  • Cash flow projections – avoid times when you are short on cash with a strategic cash flow plan to manage your cash needs
  • Financing proposals –helping you deal with various lenders to negotiate a financing arrangement – we will work for you, to find a deal that works for you!
  • Inventory costing systems
  • Corporate structure – how should your operation be set up to be most tax effective and include all key parties
  • Transition of business within the family – we love seeing intergenerational operations all functioning together as a team and can help make that happen
  • Purchase and sale of agribusiness entities
  • Government program applications
  • Financial statements and income tax returns

You Can Trust

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Building and managing a successful agricultural operation is hard work. That’s why we’ve developed specific agribusiness programs and seminars to give you strategies, tools, and skills to grow a thriving business. Our team is dedicated to helping you maximize the results you see from your business.

There are no events now.

Leadership Development

Leading edge professional development, exclusively for next generation producers.

Over the years, we have witnessed many intergenerational transitions in family agribusiness operations and have seen a significant benefit to developing leadership and management skills in the next generation prior to them taking on a leadership role.

In 2017 we successfully launched our first program and we are seeing how participation in this program is not only helping prepare future leaders for their new roles, but also providing peace of mind to the generation getting ready to give up the reins.

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