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Recommended Cloud Based App: erplain

Catalyst was named the fastest growing cloud accounting firm in Canada. Periodically, we will be exploring different cloud based apps that are part of our recommended Tech Stack. This week […]

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The Housing Market

It’s no secret that Canada’s real estate sector has not seen the growth over 2018 and the start of 2019 that it once saw. There are a number of factors […]

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What is Cloud Accounting?

Catalyst was named the fastest growing Cloud Accounting Firm in Canada. So what is “Cloud Accounting?” Before you look up and ponder the skies – that is not the cloud […]

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2016 Federal Budget changes to the eligible capital property ("ECP") rules that could have a significant impact on business sales.

“What is My Multiple?”

A multiple is used to calculate the value of a business, and clients often ask Catalyst what multiple they should use.  A simple question, but the answer requires a working understanding of finance, […]

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