Not-for-Profits Services

We understand operating a not-for-profit organization (NPO) can sometimes be a thankless job and we understand the challenges that come with managing limited resources, retaining valued staff and balancing the interests of supporters. With a team of dedicated NPO specialists, Catalyst will become a key member of your team and work with you to align performance with your organizational goals.; It's it is also a bit personal too, as we respect the important role the non-for-profit sector plays in our communities; and we love being part of that!. We think you will find a mid –sized firm like ours a great fit is a great fit for your organization as we provide a very personal approach to our services, taking the time to learn about and give you exactly what your organization needs.

Not-For-Profits We’ve Worked With

It has been our pleasure to serve not-for-profit organizations in such a diverse range of areas.

Glenbow Ranch Park Foundation

Rowan House

Calgary Sexual Health Centre


Specialized services available to our NPO clients include:

  • Preparation of required CRA filings
  • Training for internal accounting support
  • Payroll assistance
  • Customized Key Performance Indicators to help Executive Directors and the Board manage growth and change without causing key values in the organization to suffer
  • Presentations to the Executive Directors and the Board with graphical representations and bench-marking to similar organizations to help visualize annual activities 
  • Managing relationships
  • Succession 

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