We at Catalyst are proud Production Sponsors of Vertigo Theatre. Our affinity for the arts and local theatre translates into year round support of great performances.

Vertigo Theatre is located at the base of the Calgary Tower in the heart of downtown Calgary. It is home to the organization, its two performance venues and the BD&P Mystery Theatre Series. Their artistic mandate allows exposure to a broad demographic and their diverse audience includes all walks of life. Our own Jeff Fortin currently sits on the Board.

Vertigo also enhances the local community in a variety of other ways. It presents workshops for students and educators, builds the audiences of tomorrow with its Access for Young Audiences program, supports emerging talent through internships and mentorships, and hires over 200 actors, creative artists and technicians.

Catalyst guests will receive detailed invitations about how to join us in the Catalyst Lounge for upcoming performances.

Upcoming shows at Vertigo Theatre:

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January 26th – February 24th, 2018
By: Ira Levin

Sidney Bruhl is languishing in his Connecticut home, struggling to overcome a bout of writer’s block that has seen his Broadway success turn to near bankruptcy. but the answer may have just arrived when Sidney receives a fantastic script written by his former student, Clifford Anderson. Anderson just wants his old mentor’s opinion, but Sidney will do whatever it takes to get back on Broadway. The DEATHTRAP has been set…but who will come out on top in this spine-chilling thriller?

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March 16th – April 14th, 2019:
Adapted by: Joseph Goodrich, From the novel by Rex Stout

Eleven years ago, wealthy businesswoman Mrs. Herold tossed her only son Paul onto the streets to fend for himself. Now, realizing the error of her ways, she has come looking for one last chance to make amends…only to find he’s been accused of murder! Mrs. Herold needs help, the kind that only detective Nero Wolfe and his stalwart assistant, Archie Goodwin, can provide. But the deeper that Wolfe and Archie go, the more tangled the web gets. Playwright Joseph Goodrich-writer of the immensely popular CALAMITY TOWN- returns to Vertigo with his new adaptation of Rex Stout’s beloved character, the inimitable Nero Wolfe!

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May 11th – June 9th, 2018
Book, lyrics & music by: Jonathan Christenson

Europe, 1939. Adolf Hitler’s armies are conquering nation after nation, and in the face of the Nazi threat, Canadian millionaire William Stephenson convinces Churchill and Roosevelt to combine forces in a joint covert effort. Stephenson assembles an elite team of spies, including the unlikeliest of agents: six irrepressible young women. THE INVISIBLE- AGENTS OF UNGENTLEMANLY WARFARE is their story, a “spy noir musical” that seeks to answer: just who were these bold women and why would they sacrifice their very lives for a war that refused to accept them or recognize them? Catalyst Theatre, creators of the hit musical NEVERMORE, brings another dazzling world premiere to Vertigo Theatre.

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March 20th – April 13th, 2019

Rediscover the spirit of Shakepeare’s most famous play, HAMLET, as the titular Prince of Denmark seeks vengeance for the murder of his father at the hands of his Uncle Claudius. Prince Hamlet’s suspicious mind and haunted nights will hold deep resonance for audiences of Vertigo Theatre. This tale is a ghost story, detective story and revenge story all rolled into one classic plot. Following the smash hit success of MACBETH, we once again present The Shakespeare Company for another macabre reimagining of one of the Bard’s greatest works.

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